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At Klickitat Bison Company, healthy land means healthy and happy animals. Our grass is the lifeblood of our bison herd and our management style reflects that. We have worked hard to bring our soil to life, reinstating soil organisms to break down the natural fertilizer left behind by the bison. The grasses are selected to be highly nutritious as well as drought-resistant, ensuring our herd will always have healthy and constant access to food. Our bison receive no injections and are kept parasite-free with natural supplements. Our herd grazes year-round and is supplemented in the winter with locally-grown hay. Grain is never introduced into their diets to ensure healthier and happier bison.

Owners, Erik and Mary Jean Risheim, started raising bison in 2000 in partnership with Mary Jean's parents, Clifford and Lorna Eckhardt. Alongside their daughter, Billie Jo, our owners are living their ideals, knowing they can truly thrive in harmony with Earth and its creatures. 

Erik works as a maritime Chief Engineer and Billie Jo is a law student at the University of Oregon. Mary Jean is a poet who was featured as a performer in the 2004 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Our stewardship works hand-in-hand with the bison's grazing habits, which produces less stress on the land than other domestic species. We are pleased to continually host large amounts of wildlife on our ranch as well, including deer, partridge, quail, meadowlarks, bluebirds, hawks, eagles, coyotes, rattlesnakes, bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and the occasional cougar.