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A Brand New Meat Experience

Enjoy America's original red meat with a fresh and delicious selection of bison from which to choose. At Klickitat Bison Company in Centerville, Washington, we raise our bison without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or chemical treatments, allowing you to experience the full flavor of the meat in every bite. All of our bison are humanely field slaughtered and taken care of locally by a state licensed processor. After the bison meat has been properly processed, it is then made available for pick up at the processor. Shipping is not available. 

Bison Product Pricing

Known for its flavorful meat and low fat content, bison is a perfect addition to anyone's diet. If you're looking to spice up your next meal, pick up some of our meat and enjoy a healthy and delicious bison steak. Each share is measured and sold based on the hanging weight of our halves and wholes before processing. After processing, when you receive the product, weight may differ due to the removal of excess bone and fat when the animal was cleaned. Pricing remains the same, as the price per pound includes the slaughter fee as well as your custom cut and wrap.

Meat is also available by individual cuts, though this option depends strictly on availability of product. Hanging weight for bison averages around 450 pounds. If you're in need of assistance on how you should prepare your meat, or how you should season your bison steak, just get in touch with us and we will share our recipes.


• Whole: $5.25/lb • Half: $5.50/lb • Variety meat boxes available: $200-$400